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Friday, 24 June, 2011 12:47 PM

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This is to notify you that you have being awarded the sum of Ј700,000.00 Pounds
in the 125th anniversary of the coca-cola lottery promo that was roll out to active
online e-mail internet users all over the world with the aid of balloting machine that was able to select 5 winner from co-operate and individual email user. A Grant cash

prized of 700,000.00 Pounds, Hp Laptop,Nokia N70 Series and Nokia Express Muzic
Player has being awarded to you as the 4th winner out of the 12 emails users that were
selected. Below are you’re prize.

You are requested to contact our cash claims officer Mr Desmond Harry with the below
information and you can call him on Telephone Number: +447017602242

(1)Name:…………..(2) Contact Address……. (3) Age…… (4)Marital Status…… (5)Occupation….. (6)Phone Number……
(7)Winning and Alternate E-mail Address…… (8)State…….. 
and scan copy of your identity proof(Driver Liecence or Passport or Id Card or your Photograph)
to facilitate your delivery to your home address.

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