Thursday, April 28, 2011

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 Water for Elephants
Gold Toe Men's Dress Rib 6 Pack Socks
Paul Green Esha Sandal, Black
FitFlop Women's Electra Toning Sandal
Po Box 200, Harrogate England,
United Kingdom
Tel: +447031813628
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Saturday November  20th Draw No. 1556
(06) (07) (08) (17) (27) (46) BONUS (29).
Dear Winner.

Your e-mail has won you £1,000,000.00 GBP from the BBC LOTTERY on our 2010 charity bonanza. The draw No. 1556 brought out your e-mail address from a Data Base of Internet Email Users and qualified you a bonafied winner of the stated winning amount.

You are to contact us via e-mail ( providing the below stated information for the processing of your claims.

Name   :       


3. Country/State:.... 

4. Mobile No:.....    

5. Sex:....               

6. Age:...               

7. Occupation:....   

8. Email:....            

For confirmation of your winning numbers, please ensure you check your winning details on our website which given below

Claims Manager,
Mr. Mat Brown
Tel:  +447031813628

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