Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Federal Bureau of Investigation
United Sates of America Embassy:
London, England
United Kingdom
Attention: Beneficiary
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Has discovered through our intelligence Monitoring Network, that you have an on going transaction with the United Parcel Service, as the Beneficiary of the said 750,000.00 Pounds from the BBC National Lottery.
So the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) United Kingdom, in conjunction with the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), have carried out an investigation on your Compesation Cheque with the United Parcel Service through our various Monitoring Networks and we have confirmed and verified that your ongoing transaction with the Percel Link Delivery Service is Legal and you have the Lawful Right to claim your due Lottery Check of 750,000.00 Pounds.
You only have a valid and legitimate transaction with the name and contact details provided below: 
Mr.Morgan Ray
Chief Dispatch Officer
{Parcel Link Express Delivery Services}
The above name and contact details are the authorized parties responsible for the delivery of your Cheque.
We advise you to stop further communication with unauthorized individuals and go ahead with the above contact details as we are monitoring all their services and network. Be advised that any contact details or emails received from unknown individuals apart from the above listed should be forwarded to us with immediate effect. The UK Government has spent over 1.3 million pounds to make sure these scammers are brought before the law. 
Meanwhile, you are advised to follow the procedure of the United Parcel Service and to pay the required shipping/handling fee of Parcel Link Delivery Service (PLDS) have their own legal procedure which we have examined and confirmed legal. Follow their instructions while you keep us updated for more details. You are advised to contact the above listed contact persons or office for more details of your Compensation Cheque Delivery as we are monitoring every move now.
Mr. Gill Williams
Officer in-charge
FBI UK Fraud Watch/Alert

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