Thursday, April 28, 2011

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FROM: Yahoo Msn"

The Yahoo/Msn Lottery Incorporation
PO Box 1010,Liverpool
L70 1NL,United Kingdom.
Ref: XYL /26510460037/05
Batch: 24/00319/IPD


We are pleased to inform you that your email address has won an Award in
the YAHOO/MSN LOTTERY (inc) LIVE, In conjunction with the MICROSOFT
WINDOWS, YAHOO/MSN WINDOWS, held on August 28th, 2010 in London, United

The Award Centre of YAHOO/MSN Inc randomly selected 10 email addresses
through a computer ballot system to receive an award of Seven Hundred and
Fifty Thousand, Great Britain Pounds (£750,000.00) each as a part of their
for-profit philanthropic wing (YAHOO/MSN.) promotion. Awards MUST be
claimed by the email owner ONLY, not later than 12 days from the day of

Batch number......................YM 09102XN
Reff number.........................YM35447XN
Winning number.......................YM09788

Our Event Manager will immediately commence the process to facilitatethe
release of your funds as soon as you contact him. For security reasons,
you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your
claims is processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our
precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of
this program,

Send your complete personal information with your Award Reff no, Batch no,
and file no. to enable us process your claim;

1.Full Name:
5.Marital Status:
7.E-Mail Address:
8.Telephon Number:
9.Amount Won:
12.Next Of Kin:
13.Zip Code:.
15.Your Reference And Batch Number:

Dr Frank Morgan
Director of Operations
Tell: +44 701 423 3205  +44 701 703 8248
Fax: +44 870 495 6313  +44 870 471 8742
Please do not reply if you are NOT the owner of this email address.
Once again congratulations!! Sincerely Yours,
lottery link 79
lottery link 80
lottery link 81
lottery link 82
lottery link 83
lottery link 84
lottery link 85
(Yahoo/Msn Lottery Promotion/Lottery Coordinator).

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